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a silly, flighty or scatterbrained person
2. abreast buy from 13
in words
i like to keep current!
3. grace buy from 13
in words
simple elegance, refinement of movement- a divine blessing
4. flabbergasted buy from 12
in words
kinda sounds like a beached whale breakdancing
5. mellifluous buy from 12
in words
it was her mellifluous grace that made her so sweet.
disappointment. 'my parole officer tol' me if i miss disappointment they gonna send me back
There's only one donut left so wheelchair.
twerk: ima have one more beer before i get back twerk.
yeah i said it
Incorrect pronunciation: ex – cape / ex – presso / ex – set – err – uh, Correct pronunciation: ess – cape / ess – presso / ett – set – err – uh
you're about 8.3
16. y'all buy from 10
in words
quite possibly the best word ever. Easily the bst contraction. Once you start saying y'all you'll never go back. 'you guys' sounds pathetic and weak after going with the y'all. And it's also cute when a girl says it.
Albus is a masculine, Latin word that means “white.” So basically, the Headmaster of Hogwarts walked around with a first name of “white guy.” This is also interesting in the fact that “alba” is the feminine version of the word white. So, in theory, when you talk about Jessica Alba, you are essentially saying Jessica White Girl. Albus is also the root word of albinus, which brings us to albino. This makes sense, since Albinos have the primary feature of being, well, white. J.K. Rowling was a smart woman to make Albus’ last name Dumbledore, and not something a little more overt, like Supremus.
cologne: i asked my homie if he cologne me a few dollars till next paycheck
i need to talk to you
20. spoony buy from 10
in words
foolish, silly, excessively sentimental
21. catholic buy from 10
in words
honor came with self-respect and catholic thoughts.
When all my familia get in the car, there's not mushroom left
I'm way into fitness—Fitness whole pizza in my mouth.
Jose went bowling and ebola perfect game!
chicken wing
My wife buys the lottery ticket so chicken wing some money
Can you tell me if juicy the cops?
Hystera is the ancient Greek word for “womb,” and also birthed words such as “uterus” and “hysteria.” This is not actually a coincidence. For centuries, being hysterical was also called the “traveling womb disease.” As such, men could not suffer from “hysteria.” However, this is one of the rare times in which a totally sexist perception had a favorable result for the victims of the sexist attitude. In the nineteenth century, the cure for these female crazies was widely considered to be a screaming orgasm. As such, doctors’ offices actually had mechanical vibrators and water pulse treatment, intended to produced the desired orgasm. We can imagine that some patients needed the vibrator treatment four or five times a week, both for actual fits or simple preventative medicine.
29. dang buy from 9
in words
family-friendly, but manly
where's my sandwich?
clean, safe, and powerful
Incorrect pronunciation: purr – scrip – shun / purr – ogg – uh – tiv, Correct pronunciation: pre – scrip – shun / pre – rogg – uh – tiv
37. boondoggle buy from 8
in words
the homemade boondoggle was better equipped than the fancy one at the store.
38. juggernaut buy from 8
in words
In this stunning new story of political economy, author Eric Robert Morse examines why the modern system has become so unwieldy and explains what must be done to correct it. His astute analysis and fascinating storytelling take readers on an epic journey, from the dawn of Free-Market Capitalism during the Age of Exploration, through the Industrial Revolution and Adam Smith, to the rise of Keynesianism and the dominance of the Welfare State.
39. undulation buy from 8
in words
movement with a smooth, wavelike motion
I wanted to go away for the weekend but no bodywash my kids.
49. bookkeeper buy from 7
in words
oo kk ee
50. cattywampus buy from 7
in words
all jacked up
51. pamplemousse buy from 7
in words
french for "grapefruit"
Incorrect pronunciation: “for all intensive purposes”, Correct pronunciation: “for all intents and purposes”
Incorrect pronunciation: off – ten, Correct pronunciation: off – en
62. percipient buy from 6
in words
perceptive, insightful, having a good understanding of things
63. elysium buy from 6
in words
a place or state of perfect happiness
64. bushy buy from 6
in words
he woke up feeling bushy.
65. bashed buy from 6
in words
i bashed my elbow on accident.
We ordered pizza. I got mine piece and she got herpes.
73. straights buy from 5
in words
longest one-syllable word in english
incorrect: affidavid
incorrect: aks
call of duty
80. troglodyte buy from 4
in words
a prehistoric cave dweller, or half the people at pb bars
82. charisma buy from 4
in words
he was blessed with great charisma.
83. erudite buy from 4
in words
having or showing great knowledge or learning
My dog took a sheet man.
86. incandescent buy from 3
in words
emitting light due to heat- brilliant, outstanding- extremely angry
87. googolplex buy from 3
in words
she was one in a googolplex.
89. munchkin buy from 3
in words
90. googol buy from 3
in words
before google messed it up
incorrect: excetera
super bowl, nascar daytona 500, ncaa basketball heats up, nba, nhl
brad pitt's dead
a long, polysyllabic word
99. harassment: girl, harassment nothin to me. buy from 1 A down vote will remove this item!
in redneck spelling bee words
harassment: girl, harassment nothin to me.
100. terraqueous buy from 1 A down vote will remove this item!
in words
there's nothing like a terraqueous view from the balcony.
101. i love her to death but... buy from 1 A down vote will remove this item!
in words that lead to trouble
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