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1. apple buy from 508
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the other side of the computer landscape is a company that keeps design at a high priority. the original apple logo was multicolored, sure, but the apple shape is distinct and classic and can be translated easily into two-color presentation. the apple icon is also one of the few logos out there that don't need a logotype to explain what it is. the company distributes its white apple icon window stickers to its customers because it speaks for itself. the logo is successful on all fronts including representation. though it doesn't have a computer connotation, the original concept of apple was computers designed for education and the apple is a perfect embodiment of that.
2. nike buy from 355
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simply encapsulates the difficult concepts of speed and motion
3. coca-cola buy from 225
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classic identifiable logo. coke pretty much invented branding with this logo
4. fedex buy from 171
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it's simple, but provides a brilliant optical illusion between the 'e' and the 'x'
5. recycling logo buy from 170
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recycling logo
makes a long process easy to understand in an instant
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6. adidas buy from 120
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brilliant design skill and an origial punch.
world wildlife fund
consistent, simple, and easily identifiable.
8. the olympics buy from 114
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the olympics
still the rings
9. disney buy from 111
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youthful, and representative of the creator, this logo is easily branded and surprisingly unique.
10. firefox buy from 109
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developed by the open-source mozilla project in 2003, firefox was the first browser to show the promise of breaking microsoft's stranglehold on the browser market. lightweight, secure, and packed with useful features, firefox exemplifies the promise of the strengthening open-source movement.
11. volkswagon buy from 101
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12. mercedes benz buy from 72
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mercedes benz
13. nbc buy from 63
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unique and beautifly designed with high representation.
yin and yang symbol
classic geometric forms representing opposites
15. the cross buy from 60
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the cross
16. puma buy from 59
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17. android buy from 58
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18. mcdonalds buy from 57
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the most recognised symbol by children in the developed world
19. xbox buy from 55
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20. audi buy from 54
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21. red bull buy from 50
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red bull
the best energy is red bull. it's the marketleader in energydrink and is invented by dietrich mateschitz.
22. ge buy from 47
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london underground
simple and timeless. still works as well now as when it was designed in 1908
24. starbucks buy from 46
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non-fat, light whip, extra hot delciousness
25. windows buy from 46
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26. nasa buy from 45
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logotype from 1970s ('worm') is still the ultimate futuristic logo. way more influential than the current circular logo (known as 'meatball')
27. bbc buy from 44
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minimalist, but highly functioning and appealing.
28. mitsubishi buy from 43
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mitsubishi motors have themselves one of the most solid icons in design. the three chevrons are simple, identifiable and convey precision and excellence. the font that accompanies the icon is suitable and portrays the company as being modern and precision-oriented.
29. target buy from 43
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fun shopping
30. wii buy from 40
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31. amazon buy from 39
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Revolutionized retail, shipping, and shipping, then revolutionized reading with the Kindle. Now, it has its eyes set on multimedia.
32. at&t buy from 38
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33. pepsi buy from 36
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if you see coca cola, you'll remember pepsi
34. lg buy from 34
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35. ibm buy from 25
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while it was probably dated in the '90s, the classic technology look is solid again.
johnny walker
good old johnny is pretty bad-ass even with his dandy clothes. the strut is key!
37. toyota buy from 23
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reliable starts everytime
38. mtv buy from 20
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39. soundrop buy from 18
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A simple, elegant, modern logo that incorporates the idea of music (the negative space inside representing a music note), the ''d'' for drop, and the outline of a water drolplet (the enoutside of the entire icon). Beautiful, highly representational, and functional. Good Stuff.
40. vaio buy from 17
in computer logos
it looks like an alien designed it, but it this unique logo stays unique, it will pass the test of time
hewlett packard
simple, forward-looking, and elegant
42. chick-fil-a buy from 17
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It''s difficult to make an image out of a letter in the logotype, but Chick-fil-A does it well and maintains a level of sophistication even with the cartoonish concept. Great logo. Their scary kow advertisements is another story...
43. yellow pages buy from 15
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yellow pages
the bat appeals precisely to the type of people who would drink the stuff.
a moose and a cross; what's not to love?
their politics can't be beat, but their logo can be- how about some light on lady liberty's face?
simple and hopeful- much like the candidate
ralph lauren polo
representative and classic
49. u-haul buy from 12
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Simple, functional, and representative. The u-haul should be orange and the line should be black (to represent the road), but it's a good logo.
50. rand buy from 12
in political logos
51. dell buy from 12
in computer logos
simple and unique- the arial-esque font mixed with the rotated 'e' is classic—this logo isn't going to look like it was designed in the '80s
the reps got the better animal, by far. not only can an elephant stomp on a little donkey, it also makes for a better logo
internet explorer 9
much better than that cheesy 3-D glowy neon mumbo jumbo. let's hope the browser is as good as the simplified logo
right change
change? my ass!
hilarious. sums up politics today pretty well
57. google buy from 10
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the world's best search engine is stuck with an average at best logo. this unfortunate result is probably due to a rush to get the brilliant concept to market. another possibility is that it was designed by a programmer, which usually ends up looking like some of the 2s in our critique list. the name, google, is perfect for the concept, though the word was originally spelled googol. it is the word that represents the number 1 followed by 100 zeros. and the way they incorporated the pages of search results into the 'o's is genius, but the logo still suffers. the font is a basic palatino-esque font called catull, which has nothing altered to make it uniquely google. it's just the font. the simplicity matches the website style, but it doesn't say much for the designer. 3d effect is bad t
it's an ass
i don't know what a tropical bird (the toucan) has to do with an irish stout, but we'll run with it- it's a good logo (or at least it's a mascot). it's even better when the toucan gets the whole guiness glass stuck in its throat.
60. wordpress buy from 9
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The icon is unique and has a creative flare, posing the rightmost staff as the end of a pen quill. Beautiful, simple, unique.
You're fired
62. barclays buy from 9
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i'm ready for oligarchy!
ready for hillary
I'd rather scrape my eyes out with a arsnic-laced spork.
the hammer and stethoscope- brilliant!
nothing like a beatiful woman in a bikini top and a sarong to temp the taste buds for a good beer!
miller high life
again with the beautiful girl to get the mouth watering- nice!
classic form and design with unique icons
not high-tech, but gateway's logo is unique and easily identifiable in the world of computer logos
72. jio buy from 4
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73. natogeo buy from 1 A down vote will remove this item!
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