Top 2 Fun Meanings Of Ancient Words!
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Albus is a masculine, Latin word that means “white.” So basically, the Headmaster of Hogwarts walked around with a first name of “white guy.” This is also interesting in the fact that “alba” is the feminine version of the word white. So, in theory, when you talk about Jessica Alba, you are essentially saying Jessica White Girl. Albus is also the root word of albinus, which brings us to albino. This makes sense, since Albinos have the primary feature of being, well, white. J.K. Rowling was a smart woman to make Albus’ last name Dumbledore, and not something a little more overt, like Supremus.
2. hystera buy from 9
Hystera is the ancient Greek word for “womb,” and also birthed words such as “uterus” and “hysteria.” This is not actually a coincidence. For centuries, being hysterical was also called the “traveling womb disease.” As such, men could not suffer from “hysteria.” However, this is one of the rare times in which a totally sexist perception had a favorable result for the victims of the sexist attitude. In the nineteenth century, the cure for these female crazies was widely considered to be a screaming orgasm. As such, doctors’ offices actually had mechanical vibrators and water pulse treatment, intended to produced the desired orgasm. We can imagine that some patients needed the vibrator treatment four or five times a week, both for actual fits or simple preventative medicine.
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