Top 6 Bond Actors!
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1. daniel craig buy from 10
daniel craig
It was announced Daniel Craig will be reprising his role as James Bond in a new installment called Spectre where a bunch of stuff will explode and he will kick a ton of secret Commie ass. Many were skeptical when Craig was initially announced as the new Bond. Apparently they were unaware he would be shooting enough roids to grow his cranium into a battering ram and take the mild mannered British sleuth character in the direction of a horny Incredible Hulk. Who cares if Bond is a blonde dude? Would you take Pierce Brosnan in a street fight over Brock Lesner wielding a Volkswagen bumper? James Bond doesn’t care about high society anymore. He’s just a Terminator who likes to get buzzed on overpriced drinks of which he always seems to walk out on the tab.
sean connery
The man who we all compare future Bond actors to. This man IS James Bond. Even when he was in the Indiana Jones films, he was still that 007 character we all grew to know and love! No movie quote is better than, “Bond, James Bond.” Connery played the role with nothing but class and that is how Bond is supposed to be played. He was funny, charming, but had a bad side when trouble came to his doorstep. I think Craig can try to surpass Connery as the best Bond of all-time, but it will definitely not be an easy task to accomplish!
roger moore
Roger Moore, the man who replaced Connery. That pretty much killed any shot of being in the top three. Anyone who goes after a legend just seems to get the cold shoulder and that is just not fair. Unfortunately, this ranking does not care about feelings and Moore gets the fourth spot. He transformed Bond into a smoother character, unlike Connery, where he was more in your face and aggressive. I will give Moore the upper hand when it comes to him or Brosnan because he seemed right for the role, unlike Brosnan, seemed just too perfect to be a secret agent.
timothy dalton
Timothy Dalton, the Daniel Craig before Daniel Craig became Bond. He was what Daniel Craig is now but just portrayed during the 1980’s which some people were not ready for. When compared to Connery, he has no chance. He made the top three because of his similarities to Craig and how he was the first to act that way. The writers of the Bond franchise did not really know what direction to take when he was currently in the role so that definitely hurt him. I bet his persona would have been perfect for Casino Royale or even Quantum of Solace but we will never know and he will stay at number three.
pierce brosnan
Suffered with bad films, but he was an excellent Bond in those awful films.
george lazenby
Now, no offense George, your portrayal of Bond in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service was above average and that movie is one of the best Bond films, but when you have actors like Sean Connery and Roger Moore doing their best Bond acting ways, you kind of get put in the backseat. That movie was brilliant because of the villians and also who can’t forget Diana Rigg playing the Bond girl, or in this case, Bond WOMAN! Sorry George, but you are number six in our list!
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