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1. gala buy from 10
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they are a cross between Golden delicious and Kidd’s Orange Red. They have a creamy yellow colour, mild and sweet taste. These types of apples have a flavor which is more than Golden Delicious although can be a bit tasteless when baked.
apples are filled with soluble fiber (5 grams).
This fiber has been shown to reduce intestinal disorders, including diverticulitis, hemorrhoids and possibly some types of cancer.
4. mcintosh buy from 9
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they were planted by a farmer named John McIntosh in Ontario, Canada in 1870. The apple is a cross breed with other varieties. They are round and red usually retaining some green spots even when ripe. This type of apple can be used to make apple pies and make plenty of juices.
they have a thin skin and juicy texture. It can be used for baking and will give the best results.
this is a favorite type for the Americans it has a sweet-tart crisp, with a thick bitter skin and strong flavor. This type can be eaten raw, though unsuitable for baking.
9. rome buy from 6
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as the name suggests, these types of apples originated from Rome, Ohio, are round fleshy apples with an appeal red colour. It has a greenish cast and light sharp-tasting. Rome Apples have a thick skin though they can be used for baking
12. braeburn buy from 5
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Braeburn was the first of the new wave of bi-colored supermarket apple varieties, and re-established the importance of flavor in commercial apples.
13. winesap buy from 4
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They’re tart, even spicy, with a distinctive flavor and aroma of wine. Not everybody likes to eat them raw—their flavor is a bit strong for most—but those who do are passionate about them. They tend to be smaller than most apples in the supermarket, and are not as often found in typical grocery store produce sections—although they’re a good-looking apple, small and round and colored a deep, dark red. Winesaps are often used as cider apples as well as in baking and sauces.
15. gravenstein buy from 3
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They’re round and reddish-green, with a thin skin and lots of juice. The taste is tartly acidic, with a strong flavor and a touch of sweetness. Its taste has been described as reminiscent of white wine, and it makes an excellent baking apple. Its personality really comes through, however, in ciders where its tart flavor makes for a deliciously dry drink. Gravensteins are considered an antique variety now, and there has been renewed interest in it as an heirloom apple.
16. granny smith buy from 3
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They have a mild flavor with a good balance of sweetness and tartness, and are surprisingly durable—they hold up well under shipping and can sit in cold storage for half a year without going bad. It’s an unremarkable apple for raw eating, but does very well in sauces, especially applesauce.
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