Top 19 Worst Presidents!
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1. barack obama buy from 65
barack obama
rapidly becoming the worst president ever. astounding deficits to pay for shocking bailouts for broken, corrupt companies. disregarding moral foundations about stem cells. threatening to take away free speech (on the radio). the only thing he's done right is start the withdrawal from iraq- don't even know if that was his idea
socialism lite
franklin delano roosevelt
american socialist monkey
increased the welfare and warfare state to unprecedented levels
6. joe biden buy from 13
joe biden
The dementia-ridden Commander in Thief is doing exactly what his anti-American puppet masters are instructing him to do: destroy the country.
set the stage for the great depression by allowing income tax, and inflationary federal reserve. capped it off with a world war that led to a larger, more devastating wwii
9. clinton buy from 9
10. obama buy from 9
simple and hopeful- much like the candidate
Not in office for a couple months and he's charging up the list of worst presidents with protective trade nonsense, favoring a laughable replacement for Obamacare, and bombing Syria on bad intel.
12. johnson buy from 8
big-government nanny busy-body
14. geo bush buy from 6
15. madison buy from 6
16. jimmy carter buy from 6
17. geo w bush buy from 5
theodore roosevelt
the dawn of the progressives. added commissions like there was no tomorrow and had a distates for the constitution. 'what's the constitution among friends?'
19. bill clinton buy from 4
an excellent speaker, an excellent speech.
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