Top 5 Worst Customer Service!
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1. at&t buy from 12
us postal service
Oh they have pretty little buildings and beanie babies, but their customer service is CRAP! And don't even try using online or phone customer service. Broken and illegitimate nonsense.
3. time warner buy from 10
long waits, fees for everything, bad technical advice (e.g. buy a new router when you don't need one)
4. capital one buy from 10
Pretty bad in a field of horrible companies and that's saying a lot.
5. humana buy from 9
You Got Cancelled. But you can transfer to a new plan that's 200 times as expensive. #thanksObama. If you want to cancel, we'll make you wait for over an hour and a half on hold with an annoying jingle that will make you want to kill yourself. Maybe that's the point.
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