Top 10 Ways To Get Any Guy To Notice You And Want You
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1. make a plan buy from 10
make a plan
Just like with everything in life, you can't just jump right in and expect everything to go perfectly. Take some time to think about your strategy and make the necessary preparations to ensure your success. Nothing is worse than appearing apathetic because you don't know what to say/do in certain situations.
Knowing exactly what to say to a guy and exactly how and when to say it can mean the difference between great success and bitter failure. There are indeed special phrases that when said at the right time will cause any guy to forget about all other girls and solely focus all of his attention on you, the new object of his desire. You can learn more about these specific (almost magical) phrases here:
No one likes to feel like they're being played or like someone else is pulling something over on them. At the beginning, it may be hard to find things to talk about because you don't really know each other, but trying to force him in to conversations about things neither of you even care about just so you can talk to him is not going to help your cause at all. If you did even a little bit of planning ahead of time, you should be able to find conversation topics that you are both interested in which will go a LONG way towards helping you with your goal. Lying about what you find interesting may seem like it could help but that will only hurt you later on. No one likes to be lied to.
Guys really like making girl's laugh so if the the object of your affection tells you a joke...laugh! The only thing to remember is to not make it sound forced/akward. A guy can usually tell when you are faking and this can throw up red flags for him. Keep it natural and it will go a long way.
Unlike girls, guys are visual creatures that rely more on what they see than what the feel/think. It's no secret that guys want to be with attractive girls. This does not mean dressing like a street corner hooker. A guy might be physically attracted to a girl dressed like a hooker, but as soon as they see that they lose all respect for the girl and will definitely NEVER want to date her. (Granted if you're looking for a one night stand this would certainly help you out)
You might not think so at first, but guys really do want to be with a smart, outgoing, confident girl that challenges them mentally and emotionally. Being confident says a lot of good things about you. On the other hand, guys usually like to be in charge, so definitely don't overdo it. Let your natural innocence show and guys will have a natural urge to want to protect you. This does not mean you are weak.
Guys absolutely love it when you flirt with them/give them a hard time. This doesn't mean pulling out every sexual innuendo you can think up, but rather keep it light and playful. One of the most attractive things a girl can do is say something witty/flirty when the guy isn't expecting it at all. Watch him be instantly surprised and maybe even a little flustered as he processes what this cute girl just randomly said to him.
No one likes clingy people. If you are always trying to find him, be near him, and talk to him he will start to get tired of you very quickly. Go about your life as normal. You can talk to him and flirt with him if you happen to run in to each other but never go around looking for him just because you want to see him and be around him all the time. He will take this in a negative way and quite frankly, start getting sick of you.
Guys are very competitive by nature and are always trying to one up each other. If he sees you talking and flirting with another guy it will make him want you even more. There is a fine line however. If he thinks you are REALLY interested in this other guy, he may just assume the two of you are hitting it off and think he doesn't have a chance with you anymore. Give the guy you really like something special in your interactions, let him know that even though you're talking and flirting with other guys, there's something special about him in particular.
Millions and millions and millions of girls have gone through the exact same thing you're going through right now. The only logical thing to do is to learn from the successes and failures of others.
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