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1. katy perry buy from 40
katy perry
sexuality-wise, the jury’s out. she kissed a girl. she liked it. and then she faced a barrage of criticism from both stuffy conservatives and a (slightly more effeminate) backlash from the gay community. yet somehow, her place as one of pop’s hottest new faces already seems assured. debut album one of the boys has already sold a million copies and, with saucily-attired live performances regularly playing to sell-out crowds, her success shows no sign of slowing down. in short, she’s the 21st century’s britney spears. only with more musical attitude, a less conventional look and a healthier mental state.
“seriously, i really want to grab scarlett’s breasts. she’s got beautiful ones.” there you have it: evidence that the 23-year-old now makes even her female co-stars – the famously straight-laced natalie portman, in this case – come over all peculiar.
this year’s highest new entry, brooklyn decker, is an ohio-born model who has been gradually making a successful transition to films over the past year. having pretty emphatically conquered the modelling world by appearing on the cover of the sports illustrated swimsuit issue, mrs andy roddick starred in comedy just go with it and has just finished filming battleship, which is out next year.
sofia vergara
this colombia beauty has taken the popculture world by storm, with her success in the abc comedy modern family . you would never know by looking at her that his former model turned actress is the mother of a 17 year old. her guest roles on the hbo hit ‘entourage’ and abcs ‘dirty sexy money’ provided her with breakout performances. now, this cancer survivor (she was treated in 2002 for thyroid cancer) is making women laugh and men dream of her every wednesday night.
6. kate upton buy from 20
7. salma hayek buy from 16
with a face like a godess and one of the best racks in hollywood, why wouldn’t salma make our list? she is more than deserving of her place in the top 10, and after years of being featured on “hot” lists, guys never get tired of seeing her. in 2010 you can expect to see her in the film ‘grown ups’ or on her new television project, ‘seven friends of pancho villa’.
the 21-year-old with the nation’s finest frontage has spent the last year modelling too-small lingerie, starring in a slightly odd online technology show and making it big in the us.
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