Top 13 Sexiest Women 2011!
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1. minka kelly buy from 14
minka kelly
as the adorable cheerleader, lyla garity on the nbc drama, friday night lights, minka kelly has made herself a household name. with a couple of film projects set to debut in 2010, minka will surely be in the spotlight more this year. her romance with yankees shortstop derek jeter has made headlines, asking the question is minka just another knotch on jeter’s belt or is this romance the real deal? even with the new york media, the pair seem to maintain a pretty low-key profile. rumors of an engagement have been swirling for months but as of now boys, she’s still on the market. well, that is if you can compare to derek jeter.
2. olivia wilde buy from 12
olivia wilde
new york beauty who has climbed the rankings and made her first appearance in the top ten, probably as a result of her scintillating performance in sci-fi flick tron: legacy. although some of you may recognise olivia wilde as the resident beauty-with-brains on house, where she plays a doctor nicknamed thirteen. the rest of you? well, you’ll probably better know her as the one who locked lips with mischa barton in the o.c. all those years ago (as if you even needed reminding). oh, and her real name is cockburn. just so you know.
3. blake lively buy from 10
blake lively
when blake lively, sporting a spectacular chanel frock, walked the red carpet at this year's toronto international film festival for the premiere of her film the town, her transformation was officially complete. in just three years, lively had gone from star of the salacious teen soap gossip girl to a legitimate movie star. but today, with her nomination for favorite tv drama actress at the 2011 people's choice awards, blake lively is on the verge of something even bigger. with her relationship to penn badgley quietly behind her and a growing sense that, despite its continued success, gossip girl is nearing an end, lively continues her transition to the big screen as she prepares for next summer’s superhero saga green lantern, in which she plays ryan reynolds' love interest. unlike some
behold: the woman that you – the fhm faithful – have voted as your sexiest woman in the world 2011, rosie huntington-whiteley. make a note of her name, by the way – none of this rosie white huntington or rose huntington whitely malarkey, oh no. you have decided that she’s the hottest woman walking the earth today, so it’s only polite that you get her name right in case you ‘accidentally’ bump into her and shake her hand in congratulations, no?
5. katy perry buy from 8
katy perry
sexuality-wise, the jury’s out. she kissed a girl. she liked it. and then she faced a barrage of criticism from both stuffy conservatives and a (slightly more effeminate) backlash from the gay community. yet somehow, her place as one of pop’s hottest new faces already seems assured. debut album one of the boys has already sold a million copies and, with saucily-attired live performances regularly playing to sell-out crowds, her success shows no sign of slowing down. in short, she’s the 21st century’s britney spears. only with more musical attitude, a less conventional look and a healthier mental state.
6. megan fox buy from 8
there’s not a woman alive who looks better bent over a 1976 chevrolet camaro in a denim miniskirt. with a sultry glower, capricious pout and six tattoos, she’s the junior angelina jolie (but without the orphan addiction).
7. your mom buy from 8
your mom
I mean, let's be honest, she's pretty dang sexy!
8. rihanna buy from 6
it’s hard to believe that rihanna is still just only 23-years-old, considering how long the barbadian beauty has been around for. however, she’s managed to blast herself into this year’s 100 sexiest top ten after having a sensational 12 months. she’s released her fifth studio album – loud – and a couple of singles which have all dominated the charts across the globe. plus, there’s also the small matter of her s&m music video, which was banned in more than ten countries after it was deemed a bit too naughty. you’re going to google that now, aren’t you? aren’t you?!
this year’s highest new entry, brooklyn decker, is an ohio-born model who has been gradually making a successful transition to films over the past year. having pretty emphatically conquered the modelling world by appearing on the cover of the sports illustrated swimsuit issue, mrs andy roddick starred in comedy just go with it and has just finished filming battleship, which is out next year.
a four place drop for the victoria’s secret angel marisa miller, who starred on the cover of last august’s fhm playing up to the housewife-next-door fantasy. the californian supermodel - undeniably the reigning queen of sports illustrated’s swimsuit issue, with back-to-back appearances since 2002 – said in that issue that she’s learnt “it’s sexier to be curvy.” yes, marisa. yes it is.
11. kelly brook buy from 3
kelly brook
it’s been quite a busy year for the kent beauty kelly brook, who’s proved to be a perennially popular selection in the 100 sexiest countdown since her debut way back in 1998. she’s dumped rugby ace danny cipriani, graced the fhm cover twice, starred as a porn actress going for a naked swim in joke horror film piranha 3d, and bowed to a decade of pressure by finally posing in the buff for playboy. so how’s she managed to still drop a place in the standings? well, we’re guessing it’s an expression of disappointment from you lot that she’s going to be away from our mag covers whilst she’s off having her first baby with former rugby ace thom evans. makes sense now, huh?
12. irina shayk buy from 3
if you weren’t one of the many guys who voted for irina shayk, then she may be a relatively unfamiliar name to you. it might even prove to be pretty troublesome for some to pronounce (‘eye-reen-ah shy-eek’ is basically what you’re after, pronunciation fans). but don’t worry too much about that, because what you really need to know is this: the 25-year-old russian – who’s currently keeping cristiano ronaldo occupied when he isn’t either diving or shooting from 45 yards – has been photographed a lot whilst traipsing around in just a bikini in the past year. and that generally leads to good things. like being your second-highest new entry in this year’s countdown. and thinking about her not wearing very much. very often.
nicole scherzinger
a big leap up the standings for the pussycat dolls' former leading lady nicole scherzinger, who has jumped 64 places from last year’s poll to 9th this year. nicole’s been hanging out around formula one pitstops a lot in the past twelve months, continuing her important role as lewis hamilton’s missus. “the guy who marries me is going to be with me forever because i’m very traditional,” said nicole recently, amid rife speculation that lewis is soon to get down on one knee. lucky boy – sadly, our expert navigation around the m25 clockwise hasn’t yet yielded us a girlfriend of similar 100 sexiest quality.
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