Top 13 Sexiest Women 2009!
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julie henderson
my goodness
where did she come from?
annabelle wallis
5. jessica alba buy from 12
jessica alba
a silver-medal position for the 27-year-old californian, based purely on honeyed skin, a drum-taut latino body and her wilful disregard of why we’re all so desperate to see next year’s sin city sequel.
6. megan fox buy from 8
there’s not a woman alive who looks better bent over a 1976 chevrolet camaro in a denim miniskirt. with a sultry glower, capricious pout and six tattoos, she’s the junior angelina jolie (but without the orphan addiction).
the minnesota-born hardbody has put her french and choctaw-indian descent to good use: when the call goes out for an ethnically ambiguous siren, biel is likely to get the gig. after beginning her career in musicals such as pro-ginger propaganda play annie, biel made her screen debut aged 15 in ulee’s gold. anyone who caught 2007's dreadful i now pronounce you chuck and larry will tell you that jessica biel isn't cut out for comedy. similarly, anyone who's ever seen her in tight trousers will confirm that she has an incredible ass. putting two and two together, the actress scored a resounding winner with her adept and agile portrayal of a stripper in powder blue, our favorite biel performance for more than one reason.
now entering her tenth year on the catwalk, brazilian supermodel lima is so perfect that her government uses her picture to make brazilians not mind about all that city of god stuff. a strict catholic, she was believed to be the only 28-year-old virgin left on the planet until she married on valentine's day this year. lima volunteers in an orphanage in her home town where the small boys ask her for cuddles, look down her top and then high-five each other the second that her back's turned.
“seriously, i really want to grab scarlett’s breasts. she’s got beautiful ones.” there you have it: evidence that the 23-year-old now makes even her female co-stars – the famously straight-laced natalie portman, in this case – come over all peculiar.
despite 18 months of minimal movie output (including the tortuous captivity), this 25-year-old is genuinely more popular than ever. maybe it’s memories of her pink panties in old school. or her ‘adult’ scenes in the girl next door.
when a 16-year-old girl knows she’s attractive, she can use that power to devastating effect. which is exactly what madeline zima’s character, mia, does in californication. mia uses her feminine wiles to bed david duchovny, who doesn’t realise she’s 16. “i knew a lot of girls like her when i was 16,” she recalls, “and i was wilder than i am now by a long shot. so if i can’t relate my own experiences to her, i use people that i knew at that time who were that wild.” luckily, madeline is actually 23 – a long time since her first gig in a nappy advert in 1987. yes, in the same year that lethal weapon came out, she was two years old. “that was also the first time i ever did nudity on tv!” laughs zima. “it was the baby’s bare ass running into the towel – and once upon a time, that was my young
12. heidi montag buy from 2
other than appearing in mtv show the hills, heidi montag is famous for having a boob job, collagen lip injections and rhinoplasty, and for releasing asingle on itunes. and for saying things like: “i’m very religious, that’s how i’ve gotten to where i am today.” and although jesus is probably used to being let down by now, he can’t fail to be slightly miffed by news that montag is reportedly in negotiations with playboy. which, come to think of it, doesn’t sit too well with that other thing she said: “i plan to win an oscar.”
famous primarily for being “that girl off the princess diaries” it’s important to know that she was most definitely 18 at the time of filming, so stare away. if you want, that is. hell, anything to avoid julie andrews. anything. in a similarly girly film role, hathaway also appeared in the oh-so-cutting exploration of fashion magazines, the devil wears prada. this is also well worth avoiding, as she doesn’t even get naked. for that, try havoc. you won’t regret it.
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