Top 14 Sexiest Women 2008!
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1. jessica alba buy from 23
jessica alba
a silver-medal position for the 27-year-old californian, based purely on honeyed skin, a drum-taut latino body and her wilful disregard of why we’re all so desperate to see next year’s sin city sequel.
anna gilligan
lovely skills set
julie henderson
my goodness
4. megan fox buy from 13
there’s not a woman alive who looks better bent over a 1976 chevrolet camaro in a denim miniskirt. with a sultry glower, capricious pout and six tattoos, she’s the junior angelina jolie (but without the orphan addiction).
gisele bundchen
the 21-year-old with the nation’s finest frontage has spent the last year modelling too-small lingerie, starring in a slightly odd online technology show and making it big in the us.
“seriously, i really want to grab scarlett’s breasts. she’s got beautiful ones.” there you have it: evidence that the 23-year-old now makes even her female co-stars – the famously straight-laced natalie portman, in this case – come over all peculiar.
despite 18 months of minimal movie output (including the tortuous captivity), this 25-year-old is genuinely more popular than ever. maybe it’s memories of her pink panties in old school. or her ‘adult’ scenes in the girl next door.
angelina jolie
debatably, she’s the world’s most physically faultless female, from her vivid bottle-green eyes to those flawless curves (recall her as lara croft?). and then there’s her weakness for swinging both ways. “am i bisexual?” she smiles. “absolutely. yes.”
10. cheryl cole buy from 6
cheryl cole
since the tabloid revelations, the 24-year-old’s been looking either ‘gaunt’ or ‘fabulous and bouncing back’, depending on which paper you read. a recent voting surge shows what fhm readers think, propelling her back up to seventh spot.
11. hilary duff buy from 5
hilary duff
our december 2007 cover star isn’t content with the starring role on high school sit-com lizzie mcguire, she’s also released five albums and just completed her 16th movie (the ’80s drama safety glass).
“in an age of conflict… in a world of uncertainty… a hero will arise.” tv trailers tell us this, but they didn’t say she’d be a button-cute 18-year-old new yorker who’d debut in fhm’s very pages.
as any savvy movie-goer is well aware, historical dramas often contain scenes of erotic brilliance. keira’s role in last year’s oscar-nominated atonement, for example, was savagely salacious. the good news is the 2006 winner has another period bodice-ripper out later this year.
14. blake lively buy from 2
blake lively
when blake lively, sporting a spectacular chanel frock, walked the red carpet at this year's toronto international film festival for the premiere of her film the town, her transformation was officially complete. in just three years, lively had gone from star of the salacious teen soap gossip girl to a legitimate movie star. but today, with her nomination for favorite tv drama actress at the 2011 people's choice awards, blake lively is on the verge of something even bigger. with her relationship to penn badgley quietly behind her and a growing sense that, despite its continued success, gossip girl is nearing an end, lively continues her transition to the big screen as she prepares for next summer’s superhero saga green lantern, in which she plays ryan reynolds' love interest. unlike some
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