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melissa theuriau
we have no idea who she is, what she broadcasts, or why there are so many vowels in her last name. but, oh, that lip gloss! that pout! those plunging necklines! if only she were to wave france’s traditional white flag of surrender in response to our romantic overtures…
gayane chichakyan
I have no idea how to pronounce your name, but I know how to watch you pronounce other things.
3. megyn kelly buy from 76
megyn kelly
alyona minkovski
ainsley earhardt
anna gilligan
lovely skills set
bobbie thomas
an innocent typo transforms her name from “bobbie” to “boobie.” we like boobies. boobies are nice.
lisa guerrero
granted, her stint as a sideline reporter for monday night football revealed an almost stunning ignorance of the nfl and its rules, not to mention a lack of familiarity with the english language. but even as she tripped over houshmandzadeh and hasselbeck and harrington, her chest heaved dependably j
9. tomi lahren buy from 26
tomi lahren
julie banderas
Equal parts fiery and flirtatious, this Colombian desk delicacy takes over for Shepard Smith on weekends of The Fox Report. But she'll never break the glass ceiling of weekday reportage until she matches Shep's mastery of the newsworthy obscenity.
11. laurie dhue buy from 25
laurie dhue
12. andrea feczko buy from 20
andrea feczko
13. melissa stark buy from 20
melissa stark
has anybody actually seen her since she moved over to the nbc side of the ball? the today show, olympic speedskating, co-hosting duties on carson daly’s (!) new year’s eve special…like her army of beer-swilling fans/pervs would ever watch any of this, even at knifepoint.
14. sharon tay buy from 20
sharon tay
she used to be one of the few non-olbermann reasons to watch msnbc. now, she has gone oddly mia. even her web site includes nothing except her name and a cheesecake photo. so let’s get this straight: sharon tay has gone missing, and yet congress is wasting its time investigating the mi
15. shelly roche buy from 17
shelly roche
absolutely stunning. her libertarian projects are beautiful too.
16. britt mchenry buy from 15
britt mchenry
melanie collins
Perhaps the best aspect of fantasy football, which is saying a lot.
18. erin andrews buy from 14
erin andrews
sorry to hear about her trials and tribulations with the stalker. want me to take him out erin?
elisabeth hasselbeck
phenomenal- even when she's preggers
andrea tantaros
michelle fields
Nice interview with Matt Damon!
23. lara logan buy from 12
lara logan
60 minutes? hell, we only need one, one and a half tops. random trivia: she was born in durban, a south african city with some serious friggin’ sugar cane plantations. and yet she remains as lithe and lean as a panther. score one for self-discipline!
24. kaity tong buy from 11
25. kiran chetry buy from 10
kiran chetry
she reports, we decide (to slather ourselves silly with moisturizer). her first name means "rays of sunshine" in sanskrit. seriously.
26. suzy kolber buy from 10
suzy kolber
she smiles, knows her sports, and deftly parried a drunken advance by joe namath during a nationally televised game. what’s not to like? hell, she almost convinces us that she doesn’t mind the company of chris berman and michael irvin.
lindsay czarniak
Dun nu nu du nu nuh! ESPN
margaret brennan
Financial news is eye-stabbingly boring, so it's only logical that the business networks are wrapping it in shinier foil. Enter: CNBC's ravishing retail correspondent. We could watch her report the sand futures in Saudi Arabia as long as it was accompanied by those Irish eyes and a smile as big and sparkly as Warren Buffet's jewelry cave.
29. jenna lee buy from 9
jenna lee
allison langdon
I don't care if you're upside down in Australia, it works.
32. sian welby buy from 8
sian welby
That Green Screen has never looked so good!
julianna goldman
caroline cann
Yes she cann
martina markota
37. tamsen fadal buy from 6
ana kasparian
The Young Turks star
britt from left vs. right
right on!
cinnamon stouffer
cinnamon stuffer sounds like something we’d call one of our friends if he decided to pass up a ball game for an afternoon baking tea cakes. nonetheless, owing to her ability to read a teleprompter without blinking or gagging on her own spittle, this cinnamon transcends spice rack and spice girl alik
helena humphrey
kayleigh mcenany
Light in a pool of darkness
45. romina puga buy from 3
romina puga
biana golodyrag
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