Top 5 Real World Sci Fi Mechs!
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1. the beetle buy from 11
the beetle
kid's walker
3. t-52 enryu buy from 8
t-52 enryu
the t-52 enryu is a japanese machine (wait, another entry from japan? what are the odds!?) built back in 2004 by a company named tmsuk. it weighs five tons, and stands 10-feet high. it's also called the hyper rescue robot (thaaat's more like the japan we know and love) because the mech's primary purpose is to clear a path through wreckage after earthquakes and other disasters. it proved quite effective in performance tests, even lifting an entire car from a snowbank.
gundam statue
this gundam 'statue' was formerly located in odaiba park, just outside tokyo. it was built by bandai to celebrate the 30th anniversary of their gundam series. statue is in quotation marks in that first sentence, because the thing is far from inert: it moves its head, lights up, fires lasers (tragically non-lethal at the moment) and even emits a smoke-screen.
ge walking truck
i've got something shocking to tell you (you might want to sit down): the japanese did not invent the concept of the battle-mech. in fiction, that honor falls to the tri-pods from h.g. wells' war of the worlds. in reality, it falls to the united states army. yes, america was manufacturing real-life steel walkers before japan had even sketched their first dual-function cock/cockpit.
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