Top 25 Most Ridiculous Traffic Signs!
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flagger ahead
a sign to warn us that a person warning us is ahead. Redundant much?
more signs than road
and this is supposed to help people?
3. no beans buy from 10
no beans
guardrail damage ahead
Oh Okay, I won't crash up there, I'll crash later on down the road. Thanks for the heads up, useless piece of metal and fabric!
dr. seuss road
GPSs love this one
slow trucks
yeah, which is more effective at telling me that there are slow trucks on the road, a sign or a big friggin slow truck?
slow children at play
stop calling my children slow! They're 'special'
break out your calendar
I'm sure cops and clock-makers love this
left no left
you pick the speed!
warning: people with really bad fashion sense
kangaroos humping
no comment
13. prohibido buy from 6
I actually saw a real-life representation of this sign. I couldn't stop laughing.
please slow drively
No proof-readers available for this guy
people are eating children in this area
no tresspassing 9-6
Feel free to tresspass all other times.
beware of road surprises
an impossibility
left turn keep right
come on now
19. right left buy from 4
right left
good luck in prison
By the time you figure out the parking regulations for this spot, they will have changed or you'll be dead.
flipped a switch
Of course, more people will read the sign if there are two of them saying the exact same thing!
this sign has sharp edges
this is probably fake, but hilarious anyway.
don't go anywhere
24. make left buy from 2
make left
your other left
25. private sign buy from 2
private sign
Stop reading this!!
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