Top 8 Most Diabolic Forms Of Election Fraud In 2020!
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1. glitches buy from 10
The electronic voting system Dominion was in several key states and caused numerous "glitches" that somehow all favored Biden! No paper trail, but the data reveal fraud.
Hundreds of affidavits have been filed swearing that poll workers were instructed to input illegal/invalid ballots most notably in michigan ( )..
3. mail fraud buy from 8
mail fraud
Project Veritas has led the way on exposing massive USPS mail fraud to "backdate" ballots received too late. He also has video of a postal worker saying he can get someone hundreds of ballots.
dead voters
Voter rolls have not been cleaned up in decades, leaving several dead people in the registry. Miraculously, thousands of them voted in 2020.
late ballot dumps
Thousands of ballots show up after polls have closed to be counted while no one is watching. Nothing about that is legal.
Polls leading up to the election all pointed to a Biden landslide. They were blatantly wrong and effective in suppressing support for Trump and down ballot candidates.
tech censorship
If you see this post, it's a miracle since all the major tech companies have been suppressing negative news about Biden and news about election fraud.
Fox News sells out to join CNN, and the legacy networks and declares states for Biden well before is reasonable and hasn't called clear Trump wins over a week later.
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