Top 12 Most Annoying Office Noises
Original List by jmama

1. cougher buy from 15
if you were more consistent, you'd easily be #1. get some cough drops and fix your annoying explosions, or stay home!
2. sniffler buy from 12
gets some friggin kleenex and mop up your diseased mucus or go home. no one wants to hear you sniffle 24/7
someone loading the printer
Of course, you can't just gently close the tray or printer door. You have to slam it so that people in the next building can hear it. And if someone has to change the toner or has a problem with the printer? Fuggettaboutit. It's like the western front in World War 1. Run for cover!
noisy '90s keyboard
step into the 21st century alrady and upgrade from those ridiculous inch-high key keyboards
can you tone it down a little maybe?
6. snorter buy from 11
loathsome, barbaric behavior in a professional environment
7. stapler buy from 10
it's like a little bullet that is fired into your ears throughout the day
no one wants to hear about your reckless weekend or your sea monkey collection
package taper
I don't think there's a sound much more offensive than packing tape being extracted from the roll and slapped on the package. It's like a constant flow of screaming devils grinding out their awful yells before getting severed by the dispenser teeth.
is it me or do people with flip phones want everyone in the county to hear when they close their 10-year-old flip phone?
11. boss's voice buy from 5
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