Top 9 Mistakes At Corporate Holiday Party
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excessive drinking
This is probably the most common mistake that some employees and managers make during the year end holiday celebration. While many organizations are still offering a full bar, others have begun limiting how much alcohol will be served at the event. Regardless of the company’s decision, it highlights that nobody should over-consume.
lampshade on the head in the corner
People who attend events understand that food and beverage will be part of the experience. But it's important to be considerate of how others will approach you, and that includes etiquette basics, such as maintaining clean hands and avoiding a mouth full of passed canopies.
Most people gravitate and spend time with their colleagues and direct managers. However, try to make an effort to speak informally with as many people at the event as possible. That means limiting the time anyone spends with any single individual or group of guests.
In addition to keeping conversations brief, event guests should also remember that this is meant to be a time when everyone can celebrate the successes of the year. That means a cheerful mood.
Know this: attendance at the annual company holiday party is practically mandatory. Fashionably late is not fine- arrive in the first 30 minutes if possible. Everyone remembers who stayed for just 10 minute or departed early.
Pay attention to the attire description listed on the event invitation. This may be a holiday party, but it's being attended by your coworkers, not personal friends and family.
Some organizations allow additional guests, but many do not. Remember that this is an officially sponsored company event. All of the planning decisions have already been carefully weighed, and many legitimate reasons exist behind such decisions, including the accounting of expenses.
Remember this: in most offices, security cameras are frequently placed where you may not realize, including hallways, stairwells, etc. Many organizations take different views on personal relationships among employees and managers. And, at the very least, everyone will definitely know about personal encounters at the office and elsewhere -- long after the party is over.
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