Top 9 Liberty Stories Of 2013!
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charter cities
From sea-steads to Honduran economic zones, charter cities are getting a lot of hype recently. And now that US Senator Rand Paul is on the march, we may be seeing one in North America soon.
2. bitcoin buy from 10
If you said ten years ago that there would be a possible currency that could undermine the US dollar in world supremacy, you wouldn't have been thrown out the building and told to go home. Now it's a reality. Bitcoin is opening up the world to a new type of economy.
3 d printed guns
thorium-feuled cars
What could be more exciting than a compact, exponentially efficient energy source? Drive for a hundred years on 8 grams? That's thorium power.
global cooling
Some of the coldest weather in recorded history, a return to the Northern ice cap, and stabilizing global temps have cooled the anthropogenic global warming conversation and eased the pressure of government groups intent on capitalizing on the scare.
detroit bankruptcy
The epitomy of government failure shows us what we're all headed for if we continue down the road of increased statism.
snowden leaks
Edward Snowden leaked vast amounts of classified information, revealing disturbing unconstitutional and unethical practices by the federal government. This would be the best liberty story ever if anyone was fired because of the revelations.
amazon drones
The infamous drone got a new job: delivering packages of Amazon goods. Only the free market can turn such a vile technology into something worthwhile.
obamacare nullification
With the evident failure of Obamacare and the wholesale abandonment of Obama in poll number, states (starting with South Carolina) are beginning to nullify the disastrous bill.
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