Top 9 Images Found In Google Maps!
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giant thumbprint
giant thumbprint in a park in great britain. this thumbprint is actually a large maze designed by chris drury.
2. the colonel buy from 10
the colonel
yum! brands, inc.’s subsidiary, kfc, built this brilliant ad back in 2006, geared to be viewable by space aliens. it was purposefully built just off extraterrestrial highway, near area 51
lifesize monopoly
swastika building
i pointed out the swastika-shaped building below back in 2006, along with a few other map enthusiasts. in september of 2007, the u.s. navy bowed to pressure from radio commentators and the anti-defamation league and agreed to change the building’s profile at a cost of $600k. in the media feeding-frenzy, i got accused of “costing the taxpayers $600k” on a few blogs and forums, and one or two flamewars broke out in the comments on my flickr page.
drunken parking
evidence of drunken parking? this building in the netherlands sports a morris mini parked on its side. the lights on the car turn on at night.
escher effect
when all the satellite pics are stitched together to allow users to pan continuously in mapping programs, there are frequently some funky effects which can happen at transition edges. one common phenomenon is when two pics taken at different angles are spliced together, causing tall buildings and other structures to appear to be leaning sharply. this is called the “escher effect,” and this sample comes from downtown dallas
7. drink coke buy from 5
drink coke
this is purportedly the largest coca-cola logo in the world, created near arica, chile, out of something like 70,000 coke bottles to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the company
8. brunel buy from 4
there are quite a few pictorial mazes that show up in google maps, particularly corn mazes and such in the us. this uk maze was built to celebrate the 200th birthday of brunel, a famous british engineer:
vitruvian man
there’s a whole subgenre of art called “crop art” that’s rendered in growing plants in patterns to form pictures when viewed from above. this example is a rendering of da vinci’s famous vitruvian man, located in italy
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