Top 22 Funniest Commercials!
Original List by bobLarking532

real men of genius
i crack up every time i hear these
She sounds like a noob!
the wiserhood purse
This is awesome
great concept, well produced
hilarious. eat a gold nugget, kiss a miniature giraffe, have some hot women hand you a golden remote on top of gold bullion.
rhys darby is one funny dude
If you're going to jibber-jabber the whole way, I'll move
in my day - "franklin" at&t commercial
Hilarious. Kids being nostalgic in an age of ever-changing tech
the copy isn't much, but the setting is hilarious- high russian dude with hot babes hanging out and miniature giraffes. classic
duralast battery - walk the walk
The blue toe nails were a nice touch.
16. how to dad buy from 7
Cheerios says goodbye to incompetent dads.
This is awesome—regardless of how you feel about cats.
squatty potty
Hilarious and effective. Who knew unicorns could help you sell such a wide variety of products?
He was definitely a man, though.
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