Top 9 Flavored Sparkling Waters
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1. spindrift buy from 10
They stole my idea. This is all you need- clean water with a splash of natural fruit juice. It's amazing and I'm addicted.
A good indication that a flavored water is good is if it tastes good when it's warm. Some taste good cold but taste horrible when they're warm (like Coors Light). Zephyrhills is amazing at all temps and their flavors are great especially the pomegranate..
These are pretty good and their unique flavors like white peach are worth checking out.
4. perrier buy from 7
Not the best in class as its branding would indicate but not bad. I like the watermelon flavor.
5. la croix buy from 6
This was the pioneer and often the cheapest, but it's not the best. Coconut is great cold but tastes chemically when it's warm.
Love their sweet ones but their flavored sparkling waters aren't everything.
7. bubly buy from 4
8. schweppes buy from 3
This is the ghetto discount aisle stuff and it tastes like it.
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