Top 5 Cryptocurrencies!
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1. bitcoin buy from 36
If you said ten years ago that there would be a possible currency that could undermine the US dollar in world supremacy, you wouldn't have been thrown out the building and told to go home. Now it's a reality. Bitcoin is opening up the world to a new type of economy.
2. dogecoin buy from 11
If you're going to make a crypto, might as well make it based on a meme. how money. But not available everywhere but you can ride the coattails on Robinhood at least.
3. ethereum buy from 8
This seems to be the future as many coins and tokens can be based on the ethereum prottype. Could the the core crypto going forward.
4. algorand buy from 7
There are a couple of cryptocurrencies that earn rewards on coinbase. This is one, currently at 6%.
5. cosmos buy from 6
Cosmos (ATOM) is another crypto that earns rewards (5% now) on Coinbase.
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