Top 12 College Football Mascots!
Original List by zankrank

ralphie the buffalo, colorado
mike the tiger, lsu
big red, western kentucky
This is pretty much the most awesome mascot ever. I think hilltoppers were some sort of military designation from the Revolutionary or Civil Wars, but WK choose instead a big red blob as their mascot. Awesome
gaylord the camel, campbell
Campbell Camels and the most bizarrely named mascot ever: Gaylord. Might as well call him 'Twaan and have him dress in a pink tutu
banana slug, uc santa cruz
Hilarious. W.T.F.?
uga, georgia
war eagle, auburn
big al, crimson
Not sure what elephants have to do with a tide or what a tide has to do with football, but there you have it.
chief osceola, florida state
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