Top 9 College Football Fight Songs!
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notre dame victory march
"Victory March" is the fight song for the University of Notre Dame. The Rev. Michael J. Shea, a 1905 Notre Dame graduate, wrote the music, and his brother, John F. Shea, who earned degrees from Notre Dame in 1906 and 1908, wrote the original lyrics. The lyrics were revised in the 1920s; Victory March first appeared under the copyright of the University of Notre Dame in 1928.
2. texas fight buy from 19
"Texas Fight" is the official fight song of the University of Texas at Austin and was written by Colonel Walter S. Hunnicutt in collaboration with James E. King, then director of the Marlin High School Band.
auburn fight song
arkansas fight song
One of the first tasks of a new Razorback is learning to sing the University of Arkansas fight song. Arkansas Fight was written in the late 1920s. It is a unique tune, fitting of the only college in America with a Razorback mascot. Several other colleges have adapted the tune, but the lyrics remain unique to Arkansas. ARKANSAS FIGHT Hit that line! Hit that line! Keep on going! Take that ball right down the field! Give a cheer. Rah! Rah! Never fear. Rah! Rah! Arkansas will never yield! On your toes, Razorbacks, to the finish, Carry on with all your might! For it’s A-A-A-R-K-A-N-S-A-S for Arkansas! Fight! Fight! Fi-i-i-ight!
texas a&m war hymn
It was written by J.V. "Pinky" Wilson, one of many Aggies who fought in World War I. Wilson combined several Aggie yells then in use at the time into a song called "Good-bye to Texas University." It was sung frequently by a quartet Wilson organized, called the "Cast-Iron Quartet" after returning to Texas A&M after the war. One night in 1920, several of the Aggie Yell Leaders heard Wilson's quartet singing the song at a Bryan,TX theater during the intermission of a movie and they asked him to let them submit it in a contest for a new fight song to be held that fall. Wilson agreed, and the song was performed during a yell practice. No midnight yell was occurring at this point in time. It was held outside Sbisa Hall after the evening meal . It became suc
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