Top 5 Cars With The Worst Drivers!
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1. toyota prius buy from 12
toyota prius
There was a study that showed when people do something good that they subconsciously feel justified to do something bad as if they had a karma balance to use up or something. This must be why Prius drivers are so bad. They think they're so environmentally conscious so they can cut people off, park like jagoffs, and be generally awful drivers.
bmw 3 series
BMW drivers are generally too cool to be bothered by obeying traffic laws or otherwise being considerate to other drivers, but the 3 Series drivers are the worst. They don't have enough to by a 5 Series but they want the BMW status so they're even more obnoxious. They probably flick their half-smoked cigarette butt on your car too. Ash-holes.
any truck with oversized wheels
Bigger trucks usually mean the drivers have something to prove. If it's not how manly they can be (typically because of their small wee wees), they're trying to prove how bad of drivers they can be. The antithesis of Prius drivers, these jacknuts don't care about the environment and want everyone to know it as they guzzle 1 gallon speeding up to the stop light while spewing their black exhaust cloud.
4. kia soul buy from 8
kia soul
It seems like every time I see a Kia Soul doing something ridiculous on the road, I pull up next to it and it's a Millennial generation kid texting or otherwise being self-absorbed. I don't know if mature people drive these, but they're certainly overshadowed by selfish, idiotic millenials.
5. city bus buy from 6
city bus
Along the lines of the Prius drivers motives, city bus drivers think they're doing the world a favor by carting around 4 people in their enormous, gas-guzzling megalith. They think their service is so important to transportation that they can run other drivers off the road, park anywhere, block traffic, and be generally annoying.
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