Top 29 Albums Of 2008!
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vampire weekend
vampire weekend
attack & release
the black keys
3. evil urges buy from 26
evil urges
my morning jacket
for emma, forever ago
bon iver
oracular spectacular
6. she & him buy from 18
she & him
volume one
7. modern guilt buy from 16
modern guilt
8. volume one buy from 13
she & him
9. little joy buy from 11
little joy
little joy
only by the night
kings of leon
11. youth novels buy from 7
youth novels
lykke li
12. fate buy from 7
dr. dog
the stand ins
okkervil river
14. evolver buy from 6
john legend
15. sexuality buy from 6
sebastien tellier
made in the dark
hot chip
keep your eyes ahead
helio sequence
20. seventh tree buy from 4
seventh tree
keep it simple
van morrison
real close ones
the m's
¿como te llama?
albert hammond jr.
sigur ros
25. m83 buy from 3
26. rockferry buy from 2
27. viva la vida buy from 2
viva la vida
28. peaceful the world lays me down buy from 1 A down vote will remove this item!
peaceful the world lays me down
noah and the whale
29. wlib am: king of the wigflip buy from 1 A down vote will remove this item!
wlib am: king of the wigflip
madlib the beat konducta
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