Top 8 2011 Fantasy Football Sleepers
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c.j. spiller
C.J. Spiller was drafted by Buffalo with the No. 9 overall pick in 2010 but was a disappointing rookie. He managed to run for only 283 yards and no touchdowns, and as a receiver he picked up 157 yards and one touchdown. Not too impressive for a top-10 pick, at least not yet. Expect Spiller to assume more responsibilities in 2011 alongside running back Fred Jackson. Spiller can get you points on the ground, by catching the ball and even in the return game. If he earns more touches every game, then he’ll be a valuable late-round pick.
We saw Jordan Shipley put together a pretty promising rookie campaign for the Cincinnati Bengals. He had 600 receiving yards and three touchdowns as a slot receiver. If Terrell Owens and Chad Ochocinco both leave the Bengals, then expect Shipley to become a key component in their aerial attack. Of course, if quarterback Carson Palmer is gone next season, that could hurt Shipley's attempt to improve on his numbers.
All the successful rookie quarterbacks have one thing in common—running backs. Sam Bradford had Steven Jackson- Ben Roethlisberger had Jerome Bettis- Matt Ryan had Michael Turner- and Mark Sanchez had a committee of capable runners. A solid work horse in the backfield makes life easier for a rookie, and Adrian Peterson is among the best. It wouldn’t be wise to start Christian Ponder on your fantasy team immediately, or to use a high pick on him. But he could be a solid backup quarterback that could eventually develop into a starter as the season progresses.
As a rookie in 2009, Michael Crabtree partook in a lengthy contract holdout that lasted until Week 7. Missing training camp and practically half of the season certainly hindered his development, so his second season in 2010 was practically a second rookie season for him. Now that he has some experience in the offense, look for him to develop into his destined role as a top receiver for the San Francisco 49ers.
Mark Clayton will attempt to return from a devastating knee injury that ended his 2010 season. Before the injury, he and St. Louis Rams’ quarterback Sam Bradford had almost instant chemistry, despite Clayton missing the team’s training camp. Clayton had 306 yards and two touchdowns in just over four games for St. Louis last season, so look for him to build on that if he comes back healthy.
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