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Mickey Mouse adj : (informal terms) small and of little importance; "a fiddling sum of money"; "a footling gesture"; "our worries are lilliputian compared with those of countries that are at war"; "a little (or small) matter"; "Mickey Mouse regulations"; "a dispute over niggling details"; "limited to petty enterprises"; "piffling efforts"; "giving a police officer a free meal may be against the law, but it seems to be a picayune infraction" [syn: {fiddling}, {footling}, {lilliputian}, {little}, {niggling}, {piddling}, {piffling}, {petty}, {picayune}, {trivial}] n : a fictional mouse created in animated film strips by Walt Disney

"Steamboat Willie was the one that started it all. While he's not the best character, he's so iconic, that he has to be on the list."
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