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1. crazy celebrities
just to let us know how depraved and twisted humanity can get when one has as much freedom and as little taste one could hope for. @courtneyloveuk
2. spammers
@entrepreneurpro if you can get 100 people to retweet this piece of crap, i'll give you $100!
3. constant contacter
hey, wouldn't you like to know how it's possible to tweet 75 times a minute, huh? every tweet is unique and boring. how do i do it? i'm just that special. more in .78 seconds!
4. random company
no, i don't really want to hear about your bathroom products, thanks for following me though.
5. emo debbie downer
life really sucks. i have to wake up to go to a crappy job where i get paid to do stuff that doesn't involve the black lung and i can only afford one mobile device to tweet this. ugh i hate having to type this long
6. tmier
a twitpic of you latest dump? really?
7. shameless skank
no one likes a ho.
8. stalkers
she's not going to call you, even if (or perhaps especially if) you tweet about it seventeen times a day!
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