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1. google
People- just because it''s a good product, doesn''t mean it''s a good logo. The logo is awful- cheesy embossed font, cartoonish colors. Don''t get me started on the Gmail logo.
2. wikipedia
Yeah, I get it, all the different languages make this puzzle and it all comes together because of you. That''s great. It''s a horrible logo. Simplicity is the ultimate sohpistication and Wikipedia''s logo ain''t got it. Try reproducing this in an icon or on a hat.
this looks like a doodle that some desktop designer drew and got some approval by a beureaucrat to move with it. what''s worse is that it probably cost taxpayers a million dollars and countless hours of government workers'' time. the designer probably saw a bunch of abstract logos and said, those look good, so i''ll do mine like that. problem is- those other abstract designs actually represent something. this represents absolutely nothing. horrible.
4. kidsexchange kidsexchange
yeah, some words don''t go together
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