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1. allison langdon allison langdon
I don't care if you're upside down in Australia, it works.
2. julie banderas julie banderas
Equal parts fiery and flirtatious, this Colombian desk delicacy takes over for Shepard Smith on weekends of The Fox Report. But she'll never break the glass ceiling of weekday reportage until she matches Shep's mastery of the newsworthy obscenity.
3. margaret brennan margaret brennan
Financial news is eye-stabbingly boring, so it's only logical that the business networks are wrapping it in shinier foil. Enter: CNBC's ravishing retail correspondent. We could watch her report the sand futures in Saudi Arabia as long as it was accompanied by those Irish eyes and a smile as big and sparkly as Warren Buffet's jewelry cave.
4. julianna goldman julianna goldman
5. lindsay czarniak lindsay czarniak
Dun nu nu du nu nuh! ESPN
6. britt mchenry
7. jenna lee jenna lee
8. ana kasparian ana kasparian
The Young Turks star
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