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1. more signs than road more signs than road
and this is supposed to help people?
2. dr. seuss road dr. seuss road
GPSs love this one
3. break out your calendar break out your calendar
I'm sure cops and clock-makers love this
4. warning: people with really bad fashion sense warning: people with really bad fashion sense
5. please slow drively please slow drively
No proof-readers available for this guy
6. no tresspassing 9-6 no tresspassing 9-6
Feel free to tresspass all other times.
7. right left right left
8. good luck in prison good luck in prison
By the time you figure out the parking regulations for this spot, they will have changed or you'll be dead.
9. flipped a switch flipped a switch
Of course, more people will read the sign if there are two of them saying the exact same thing!
10. private sign private sign
Stop reading this!!
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