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1. juggernaut juggernaut
Juggernaut is the most important book of its kind since Economics in One Lesson and even challenges that masterpiece as a grand survey of economic science and theory. In a sweeping survey of history and financial theory, Morse has produced a must-read that will change the political landscape if there is any justice.
2. reckless endangerment
Gretchen Morgenson is a national treasure. Year after year, she has dragged Wall Street miscreants out of the shadows, exposing their dirty secrets to the public that they bamboozled with schemes and deceits. Now, working with Joshua Rosner, she has trained her expert eye on the mortgage mess that pushed the American economy to the brink. In stunning detail, Morgenson exposes the truth behind the worst financial calamity of modern times, weaving a tale that is as mesmerizing as it is horrifying. Reckless Endangerment names the names and reveals the secrets of the plutocrats and politicians whose greed and recklessness threatened the foundations of capitalism. It is essential reading for anyone struggling to understand how America entered the new era of financial chaos.
3. the big short
4. too big to fail
Good perspective about Wall Street, but fails to connect to government
5. freakonomics
6. superfreakonomics
7. this time is different
8. nickel and dimed
9. surviving socialist america
10. adapt: why success always starts with failure
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