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1. nirvana fallacy nirvana fallacy
"You're wrong because your solution won't solve all the world's problems!" Just because something doesn't lead to perfection, doesn't mean it's the wrong thing to do.
2. because i said so because i said so
Like the ridiculous cop said, "Rules are rules. They don't have to be logical- that's why they're laws."
3. loaded question loaded question
A loaded question is a question which contains a controversial or unjustified assumption ( e.g., a presumption of guilt).
4. appeal to authority appeal to authority
The man with big pants on says so, so it must be right!
5. argument from ignorance argument from ignorance
Something is so confusing, so there must be X.
6. too simple fallacy
"Your position is too simple. It's wrong." or "No, you're wrong. This problem is too complex for your solution." Oh yeah? How so?
7. is-ought fallacy is-ought fallacy
The is–ought problem in meta-ethics as articulated by Scottish philosopher and historian David Hume (1711–76) is that many writers make claims about what ought to be on the basis of statements about what is. However, Hume found that there seems to be a significant difference between descriptive statements (about what is) and prescriptive or normative statements (about what ought to be), and it is not obvious how one can get from making descriptive statements to prescriptive.
8. moving the goal-posts moving the goal-posts
Moving the goalposts (or shifting the goalposts) is a metaphor meaning to change the criterion (goal) of a process or competition while still in progress, in such a way that the new goal offers one side an intentional advantage or disadvantage.
9. because science because science
Simply because someone with a white lab coat has come to the conclusion X, doesn't mean they were free from errors in methodology or free from fraud. In many fields, scientists have tried to reproduce the results of studies and can do so under 40% of the time.
10. i'm offended
Being offended doesn't make you right and being offensive doesn't make one wrong. Put your big-boy pants on and think critically.
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