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1. thanksgiving
great cause (thanks) and a great time of year. football, food, and friends and family. what more could you ask for--or be thankful for??
2. independence day
fourth of july is a great time of year and it's a great celebration
3. christmas
lovely holiday right in the middle of winter- good timing for a pickmeup
4. easter
christ is risen
5. martin luther king jr. birthday
great man despite his socialist tendencies
6. cinco de mayo
not mexican independence day people. but enjoy some tacos!
7. boxing day boxing day
cause what the f is boxing day?
8. st. patrick's day st. patrick's day
i see green people
9. president's day
it's nice to honor the good presidents (ie washington and jefferson), but don't expect us to be jumping for joy about the modern ones.
10. fourth of may
may the fourth be with you
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