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1. daft punk - one more time daft punk - one more time
"One More Time" is a song by electronic music duo Daft Punk, first released as a single on 13 November 2000[1] and later included in the 2001 album Discovery. It is a French house song featuring a vocal performance by Romanthony that is heavily auto-tuned and compressed.[2] The music video of the song forms part of the 2003 animated film, Interstella 5555: The 5tory of the 5ecret 5tar 5ystem.
2. the prodigy - breathe
3. justice - d.a.n.c.e.
4. gorrillaz - feel good inc.
5. orbital - chime
6. underworld - born slippy
7. new order - blue monday
"Blue Monday" set the tone for '80s synth-pop, but its influence on dance music was just as far-reaching and as significant as any classic '80s house or techno track. Taking inspiration from the futuristic disco of Donna Summer and Giorgio Moroder (the stuttering kick drum that famously opens the track's extended, 12-inch version is directly cribbed from the chorus of Summer's "One Love"), the former members of Joy Division (plus keyboardist Gillian Gilbert) hitched their melancholy songwriting style to a custom-built sequencer/drum machine combo and unleashed one of the most famous and widely imitated grooves in pop music history. No wonder it remains the bestselling 12-inch single of all time.
8. the chemical brothers - block rockin’ beats
Big beat, a frenetic mishmash of breakbeats, techno, hip-hop samples and rock guitars, was the sound of late-'90s rave culture, and no track better encapsulated its manic appeal than the opening track from The Chemical Brothers' era-defining second album, Dig Your Own Hole. More than any other track before it, "Block Rockin' Beats" proved that dance music could be as massive as stadium rock. Within two years of its release, the Chems would be headlining Woodstock.
9. daft punk - get lucky
By combining Pharrell's pop songwriting chops with Rodgers' funk/disco guitar and their own smooth "French touch" house grooves, Daft Punk engineered our decade's most perfect dance single, one that downplayed the "E" in EDM and helped inspire a renewed interest in dance music made not just on laptops but with actual instruments. The universal appeal of "Get Lucky" was almost without precedent — everyone from kandi kids to soccer moms to Stephen Colbert embraced the track, meaning it's probably the only song on this entire list your parents have heard of (unless you have really cool parents).
10. moby - go
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