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1. gabriel project gabriel project
The Gabriel project not only seeks to save babies, but also to save women from years (and sometimes eternal) spiritual darkness and death. It is a parish-based, "hands-on" help program that helps assure pregnant women that they will be helped. The Gabriel Project began in 1991. It has been very well-received and is a successful grass roots program that is spreading around the country. It is a program in which parishioners assist women in need with friendship and coordinate their needs such as transportation for medical care, housing, food, material needs and baby needs. Local resources can sometimes meet these needs, but the Church acts as a safety net and assures the expectant mother that she will be cared for.
2. make a wish foundation make a wish foundation
3. austin coalition for life
great work!
4. institute for justice
5. red cross
6. st. vincent depaul
7. cato institute cato institute
8. mercy ships
9. doctors without borders
10. american cancer society
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