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1. the social animal the social animal
Brooks's exploration of pop psychology wrapped in a humorous and entertaining narrative is a one of a kind masterpiece.
2. righteous indignation righteous indignation
I thought Righteous Indignation was going to be a typical good summary of the evils of socialism in today's society and a call for us to do something about it. Boy was I wrong. It was all that but it wasn't typical and it wasn't good- it was excellent. Andrew Breitbart has created a unique political history of the modern information age in an entertaining and informative way. What "The Social Network" did for its niche, "Righteous Indignation" has done for political media. Breitbart seems like an average Joe, and by most accounts, he is. But one thing separates him from the crowd: a passion for media and a desire to tell the truth. This passion is what thrust him into the world of Hollywood (of which he would later attack in and got him connected t
3. indivisible indivisible
Troy Grice - This is by far the best independent fiction I have read. Not only was I interested enough from the sample to buy the book, I finished it within three days. "Indidvisible" is a fast-paced, entertaining, and at times, infuriating dystopian libertarian novel that I whole-heartedly recommend. There is a disclaimer, however. This book is in serious need of a thorough edit. It seems odd to have such a high-quality story out there with such poor editing, but that is the case. If you are one to let a few typos a chapter get in the way of your reading enjoyment, this is not the book for you. Also, though the book is written in third person narrative, it would be more fitting as a first person omniscient. However, I believe that the 1-star reviews for this book are disingenu
4. liberty defined
Ron Paul is by far the foremost liberty-minded member of the US Congress. He is consistently on the side of individual freedom and the only consistent political philosophy: do anything you want as long as it doesn't infringe that same right of others. "Liberty Defined" is the best of Paul's works to date and it clearly outlines the libertarian stance on 50 issues in American politics today from Abortion to Zionism. In those essays and in the 48 in between, Paul shows how good-intentioned (or otherwise) people have used government to promote certain things, produced unintended consequences, and ultimately driven us from America's founding principles based on unalienable rights. Paul then goes on to show the alternative take from a libertarian viewpoint and what society would lo
5. thinking, fast and slow
Kahneman's survey of his behavioral Economics that launched a revolution
6. it's dangerous to be right when the government is wrong
Andrew P. Napolitano- Bring this book into any public setting in which you're bound to talk to people and you will inevitably get into a regular firestorm of a conversation. That's because Napolitano represents a very controversial set of ideas that center around one: liberty is good. It's really a shame that these ideas are controversial but it's no wonder. The left see liberty as a threat to their ever-expansive debt-ridden nanny state, and the right see liberty as a threat to their ever-expansive debt-ridden military state. In other words, there are very few Americans remaining who can make up their own mind about the role of government because so many are dominated by the mainstream political spectrum.
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