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charlie bit my finger - again !
absolute classic. little polite brit kid reprimanding his big-chubby adorable little brother. the best is when charlie goes after his finger under the blanket at the end
crossroads gps: propaganda
Come on brah, someone's got to pay for people to smoke, drink 85-oz sodas and live in a barca lounger.
threw it on the ground
So glad for the Lonely Island so that these can be viewed on youtube now. Pure. HIlarity.
brilliant. I want to see those paper fool beat the cat though
Bad Lip Readers
Bad Lip Readers
this guy is living the life
daylight saving - movie trailer
What time is it????
a bad lip reading of the first democratic debate
double rainbow song
So intense!
munchkin the teddy bear gets her exercise
not fanneeeee!!!!! yeah it is
guy on a buffalo - episode 2
Can you get any better than some dude riding around, saving babies and punching cougars in the face?
It's quite hilarious to visit puppets.
this is girls gone wild in a different way
you poked my heart...
This could be the most adorable and least effective debate that has ever happened.
this just oges to show that little kids have no idea what they're saying sometimes. adorable
it's hot as hell!
how adorable!
animal crackers (the best of bbc one's walk on the wild side)
24. full video hilarious japanese dinosaur prank buy from 1 A down vote will remove this item!
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full video hilarious japanese dinosaur prank
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