Top 6 Worst Natural Disasters
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1. hurricane buy from 10
The worst of all natural disasters has to be the one that contains several of them in one: the hurricane. It's windy, it's rainy, it has tornados with sharks in it! Not to mention the flooding aftermath. It's brutal. The one silver lining is that they're never sudden. You'd have to be a complete idiot (eg the Mayor of New Orleans) to not see one coming.
2. tornado buy from 9
Absolutely horrific and sudden onset, these killer vortexes will toss your cow a mile away and eat your roof.
3. wildfire buy from 8
Not easily predictable and extremely damaging, the one good thing is they can be halted or stopped if the resources are available.
4. flood buy from 7
You never knew how horrible water could be until you walk through a house that had seen 5 feet of flood waters introduce all sorts of microbes and precambrian life to its living room.
5. earthquake buy from 6
These are pretty damaging when they're strong, but they're also really fun when they're not so strong. When concrete feels like Jello, it's a wild 30 seconds.
6. tsunami buy from 5
A terrifying side-effect of some earthquakes, these big waves will destroy your little beach vacation.
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