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ian brown - kiss ya lips
cause i i aint no number don't require no id round my neck so mr number maker id cards don't stop no hijack jet (false dilemma)
i wouldn't leave you 'cause you're the type of girl to make me stay (circular resoning)
Hands in the air like we don’t care Cause we came to have so much fun now (beggin the question); Forget the haters cause somebody loves ya (red herring);
I be wild'n 'cuz I'm young Wid'n, wild'n 'cuz I'm young Wild'n 'cuz I'm young Wid'n, wild'n 'cuz I'm young I be wild'n 'cuz I'm young I be wild'n 'cuz I'm young (argumentum ad nauseum)
you don't care how it hurts until you lose the one you wanted 'cause you're taking her for granted (confusing cause and effect)
when it's good, then it's good, it's so good until it goes bad (begging the question)
i'm fine and you're a fool, so, so what, i'm still a rock star (ad hominem)
silence is the enemy against your urgency so rally up the demons in your soul (two wrongs make a right)
but here you are again 'cause we belong together now (questionable cause)
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