Top 31 Unfortunately Placed Ads
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heart disease burger king
that new female artist
Such a sweet feminine voice.
child mauled by zoo
this is really bad
cheerios golf chick kiss
uh, yeah, that's really unfortunate
our pubic schools
yeah ouch
worst president / obama
hmm, somebody trying to tell us something?
nestle and dumpster
8. carrot ass buy from 9
carrot ass
mitt romney nonsolution
Sometimes random algorythms just know...
meth and speed
dang jimmy johns
11. obama douche buy from 9
obama douche
12. 7 new jobs buy from 9
7 new jobs
Monster fail.
could not connect to translator service
women abused/fathers day
yanni with boobs
16. iomega fire buy from 7
iomega fire
starbucks sucks
not quite kosher
shameless tricks
20. cancer cigs buy from 6
cancer cigs
bus premonission
22. handle this buy from 5
handle this
kitty says hi
mcdonald's and obesity
25. quit school buy from 3
quit school
don't let them in
brain damaged iq
28. teacher sex buy from 2
teacher sex
folgers heart attack
30. les psychos buy from 1 A down vote will remove this item!
les psychos
31. spinach party! buy from 1 A down vote will remove this item!
spinach party!
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