Top 10 Types Of People At Sxsw Interactive
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1. hipsters buy from 10
So clever and so ironic, they've figured out a way to never be outdated by intentionally being outdated.
post hipster hipsters
Normal people
They come from all over and randomly have things in common with you besides being able to geek out at the latest tech trends.
people who corner you to pitch you their apps
"Basically, it's an app with a bunch of different conclusions you can jump to
I'll smile at you 3 times and you can get my Twitter handle but you have to download this app.
6. foreigners buy from 5
And by foreigners, I don't mean people from different countries. I mean people from outside of Austin. It will take a Shiner beer and a couple pounds of BBQ in 100 degree heat, but they'll get it eventually.
internet celebrities
So many people, so little time to hate them all
Dang, I thought this was the line for the rodeo.
9. real jerks buy from 2
This is ineviatble where a mass congregation of people come together. SX is no exception.
drunk bully gets knocked out!
This is what happens when there's a bunch of drunken debauchery on the streets. People get bullied then other people get knocked out.
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