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1. falling sand buy from 10
falling sand
this is an absolutely incredible interactive toy. i won't spoil your fun by giving you details on how to play. just experiment with everything and realize you can use the choices at the bottom to change your "drawing tool" and rate that things happen. i guarantee you will play with this for hours and hours.
2. not pr0n buy from 9
not pr0n is essentially a puzzle game -- a very hard puzzle game. but it is also very addictive and a lot of fun. each new page has a puzzle to be solved to get to the next one. there is a forum where you can find subtle hints to help you when you and stuck -- and you will get stuck. the site is very enjoyable and you can waste an enormous amount of time there.
imagine the chaos and the fun of having dozens of people trying to spell out words with virtual letter magnets on a virtual refrigerator. actually, you don't have to imagine it -- just give it a try and you will have a ball wasting more time than you will care to admit.
4. samorost buy from 7
if you have not experienced the incredible graphics and engaging point and click game play of samorost you must give it a try. there are a limited number of levels, so the danger of wasting lots of time is reduced, but there is no time wasting that is so creative unless ...
5. samorost 2 buy from 6
... you count samorost 2. after you have mastered the original, samorest 2 awaits your head scratching attention. you will laugh out load at some the bizarre contraptions and pure creativity in this sequel.
i refuse to admit how much time i wasted playing with this little gem. your wish is the subservient chicken's command. doesn't this guy ever get tired?
this one is not interactive, but there are so many pictures and many of them will make you laugh so much, that it can take hours to get through the site. the pictures range from cute to bizarre and even if you are not a cat lover it is worth checking out this site.
8. spirograph buy from 3
i had a spirograph as a kid and loved spending hours making amazing geometric drawings with it. now you can have all the fun without using up reams of paper and ounces of ink.
ever wish you could create a moving robot from masses, springs and muscles? now you can spend hours playing with the constructor. create your masterpiece and watch it walk and dance around.
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