Top 5 Things You're Too Old For At 30
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Beer does not need accessories. That means no funnels, no pingpong balls and, for the love of God, no fruit. Oh, and seriously, take the neon Budweiser sign out of your bedroom window. (The lamp, though, can stay for kitsch value.)
That Starry Night print deserves the respect of a proper display, even if it came from a store in the mall.
A box of pasta and a jar of store-brand sauce is just as cheap, per serving, as a can of Chef Boyardee. As an adult, cooking dinner means not eating out of a can, or a bowl, while standing over the sink.
Your partying skills may remain intact, but your ability to bounce back the next morning is in decline. Falling asleep at your desk in seventh grade earned you a detention slip. Falling asleep at your desk now earns you a pink one.
Kurt Cobain is dead, and so is your I-just-got-out-of-bed/I’m-stylin’ look. Buy an iron and some hangers.
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