Top 20 Things To Do In Austin
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get rudy's bbq
The best brisket and sauce with friendly service and a rustic Texas ambiance. Oh and the creamed corn is unbelievable.
go to south by southwest
how can you not like tons of inspirational experts in your field, thousands of geeks, and free swag, drinks, and food? sxsw is going off
nice scenery throughout
dinner at cafe iguana
the best view and inexpensive yummy food.
Well-done museum with historic exhibits and an IMAX theater playing Texas films.
ridiculous. kinda like new orleans, except without the two feet of sludge on the street
Gristmill down in New Braunfels will do nicely.
nicely done
just gorgeous and really great service!
tour state capitol building
wow- amazing structure, history
play sand volleyball
Zilker, Krieg, or Pease parks have courts.
watch spazmatics at cedar street
unique venue, nice location, but they need to make it non-smoking
look out for the lil turtles
kayak on the lake
dinner at hula hut
great salsa! good service and location
great newly designed shopping mecca
pub crawl on 6th street
drinky drinky drinky
20. coffee at austin java buy from 1 A down vote will remove this item!
the barton springs location is nice
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