Top 10 Things I'm Not Going To Miss About San Diego
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1. june gloom buy from 11
june gloom
No one tells you about it, but during the summer San Diego is actually transported to Tierra del Fuego, and sometimes takes up May, July, and August too.
barbarians in the gaslamp
Are we in the Dark Ages?
When did evolution officially go in reverse?
barbarians in ocean beach
Apocalyptic displays of indecency.
patriots fans at padres games
When you hear the "Yankees Suck" chant at a game between the Padres and Diamondbacks, you know you live in San Diego.
cross walk button-pushing pedestrians
Yeah, let's stop what we're doing, wait for a minute to cross when there is no traffic, then hold up traffic for another minute just so you can follow the electronic sign's orders.
charger fans
Besides a few solid fans of the sport, most are quintessential fair-weather fans who celebrate unsportsmanlike behavior, think they're going to the Superbowl after beating a good team, and call for the beheading of their coach after they lose.
incompetent public officials
Makes one long for Somalian government.
9. drivers buy from 3
Did you notice that there are a hundred other people on the road as well?
10. barbarians in del mar buy from 1 A down vote will remove this item!
barbarians in del mar
Just because you're drinking wine doesn't make you any less abominable..
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