Top 10 Things I'm Going To Miss In San Diego
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st. brigid young adult group
Amazing group of young men and women growing in fellowship, scholarship, and spirituality.
the mission choir
A world-class choral concert every Sunday.
pacific beach academy of philosophy
The epicenter of San Diego intellectual achievement.
running in the canyon
When it's warm out, it's the best athletic event possible.
5. santa anas buy from 6
santa anas
The saving grace of the Southern California climate.
6. fish tacos buy from 5
fish tacos
Is it Mexican? Is it American? Who cares, it's delicious!
the gallery at the san diego museum of art
A brilliant association of art insiders and enthusiasts.
orfila winery
Wonderful tasting in an idyllic setting.
christmas at the hotel del
As festive as you can get in Southern California.
beach volleyball
The quintessential San Diego sport.
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