Top 18 Tattoo Spelling Mistakes
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1. i'm awsome buy from 10
i'm awsome
not that awesome. pure irony
only god will juge me
not to mention everyone else who will see this tattoo
never don't give up
i won''t never don''t give up researching how to speak good before i get a tattoo on my arm.
4. no regerets buy from 10
no regerets
Well, there's one regret...
twilight cinescape
6. belive! buy from 9
I don't believe they mispelled my friggin tattoo!
never is an awefully long time
and this typo will last even longer on your shoulder
8. chi-tonw buy from 8
where's that?
f* the systsem
all those f-ing spelling teachers and sh*t!
10. sweet pee buy from 7
sweet pee
Unless you meant golden showers, there's nothing sweet about this mistake.
11. your next buy from 6
your next
No! I don't want you to stamp improper grammar on my fingers!
grammar police nightmare
I count three misspellings and a comma splice. They got the apostrophe right though.
tomarrow never knows
no it doesn't and neither did the tattoo artist
tradgey comedy
such a shame- a tradgedy really
in loving memony
i love to memony every chance i get!
to fast to live, to young to die
and too drunk to spell
everyone elese does
if everyone else jumped off the bridge and misspelled 'else' would you? i guess so
beautiful tradgedy
i don't know about the beautiful part
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